Race For Life at Temple Newsam

A race report on the race for life at Temple Newsam in Leeds.


Today I took part in Cancer Research UK Race for Life for the first time since men can take part. As race days usually go, the preparation for this one was slightly different as my friend was taking part in his first 10k and i offered to stick with him for support if he needed it.

We got to Temple newsam early enough to get parked and go to the start area to warm up, there was a slight delay to the start due to some busy traffic coming into the park with runners.

Once the warm ups got underway everyone was in a defiant mood, all with the same goal, to beat cancer.

The race started with a easy downhill before a mighty climb up bullerthorpe hill, once the first 2 miles at a steady pace were out of the way and escaping the crowded parts, I managed to…

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Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.


When I first started running, I often just went out on my own, it allowed me to focus on just getting out and making up the miles but in 2017 I decided to join one of my local(ish) running clubs St. Theresas A.C in Leeds.

So if you are just starting out running and are thinking of joining a club/group here’s 5 reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

1. Run with like minded people:
You get to go out and run with people who have the same idea, getting out and going for a run, not just own club members but join people from other clubs too.

2: Social aspect: Like reason number one when you join a running club you can meet new people and grow friendships, after training on a tuesday a group get together, have fun and have a chat, this also enables…

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Why i started running.


I had always been a active person, through childhood and in school I would attempt most sports regardless of my ability. I first started running in 2008 when I joined a 5k race in Roundhay Park, Leeds, it was a charity event for Sense UK and I found out about it through the football club i support Leeds United as a former player Andrew Hughes was starting the race. So I persuaded my cousins to sign up with me and we set out to raise some money for a good cause.

I finished my first 5k in 40 minutes and after this event I started to run every now and again, when i joined university I would use the track a couple of times and played 5 a side football. In 2012 when I graduated, I started to run more regularly, this helped me feel good about myself and in…

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It is a double whammy of posts from me today, below are a small selection of images I have recently posted on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/robdphotographs/. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to drop feedback and a cheeky follow 🙂

Back to the blog.

Hello again people, i have decided to restart my blogging this year after disappearing since mid 2017. I previously lost all motivation for photography and through attempting to keep it going by starting a new blog and posting weekly, i struggled to find motivation to go out and take photos.

Recently after speaking to a friend, I have decided to launch a brand new blog to do with running, as a keen runner I will be blogging about my running journey leading up to my first half marathon and attempting to give advice to anybody who wishes to get out there and go for a run :). More details coming soon and there will be a link at the top of the page.

Back to photography I lost all motivation for going out and taking photos apart from the odd occasion where i have gone away on trips, last year was NYC, USA and Warsaw, Poland. I had restarted my instagram originally for just my landscapes photos but in general rather than posting on 2 separate accounts turned it back into a photography page, recently gone through the archives and picking out the best selection of images going back to 2012, I have plenty to add so I will continue doing this, I will also be going out on new photo walks and trying to get my photography mojo back.

I will post a separate post with a link to some of my recent images posted on instagram this week.


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

On tuesday (12/7) I took a short trip over to Scarborough, North Yorkshire for a nights stay. Despite the rain, still managed to get out and about with the camera, here are a few shots from my iPhone whilst I catch up on my photo editing backlog. 

Swan at Peasolm Park
Harbour B&W
Wet North Bay

Then as I was heading home, the sun was out.

Overall it was a good little break, now I have got my interest in photography back my motivation seems to be returning too.