2019 part 2



After 306 miles completed over the first half of the year, after discussions with Russ I originally wasn’t going to do Leeds 10k for first time since 2014, having taken part every year since 2014 i signed up late the wednesday before. My friend Andy also signed himself up a day later and we made arrangements to chat early sunday morning.

July- September

Saturday (7th July) before i took myself to Roundhay parkrun as I had a free saturday, steady and around in 35:45.Morning of Leeds 10k came around, i had my pre race breakfast, toast and a banana with a cup of yorkshire tea, Andy offered to give me a lift so i got my gear together. They had changed the starting line this year to the Headrow so when we got parked up early and saw road of previous start line quiet was strange, collected our numbers…

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Winter Training


As the winter approaches I tend to take a more relaxed approach to training in winter after 10 months of running up to 20 miles a week I tend to slow down the miles and spend some time in the gym doing strength work with the minimum one run a week at least 5k distance planned until the new year. This gives me time to build my strength and have a rest over the christmas period. Plus the cold weather affects my asthma so it’s always good to keep cold away from my chest.

Here are some tips I think are useful for winter training.

1. Make most of the daylight:

As much as it might not always be possible to run in the day through the winter, daylight can help you make most of the off road trail routes, perfect for the scenery runs and plus its a few…

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2019 Review Part 1


2019 has been somewhat a good year in terms of Running goes. My aim at the start of the year was to sign up for and complete my first half marathon as well as attending a few different races (Huddersfield 10k, Eccup 10 and VoY Half). Last year I had managed to hit my 500 miles target with the final amount of running miles accounted over 12 months at 540, this year I aimed for around 600 mark. Here is my look back on the first 6 months 2019.

January-March 2019

January was a bit of a slow start but with the cold weather affecting my asthma I was restricted to indoor training in the gym getting miles on the treadmill in. No races in January but I entered the virtual 100 Miles of winter virtual race. A return to club training in mid february before my first Huddersfield…

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The Magic 10 Mile

Yorkshire 10 Mile race report


On sunday (20th october) I returned to York once again to take part in the Yorkshire 10 Mile race. I had been looking forward to this one since i took part last year as I felt I needed to go one better.

After last months half marathon I hadn’t done as many miles as i had planned due to slight injury and illness but on the morning of the race I woke up ready and prepared for the race, thankfully it was not raining. I had my general race day breakfast of 2 slices of toast and a banana with a cup of Yorkshire Tea and then as i had prepared my bag the night before took myself for the walk to crossgates train station for the train to York. My 2 friends Charlotte and Kyle both came along to support me, we got to York and made our way…

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That’s the Half completed!!


The 13 weeks of well planned training had finally come down to this day (15th september) for the Vale of York Half Marathon.

My standard race day breakfast of wholemeal toast and a banana went down well with a cup of Yorkshire tea to start the day, I changed my plan to wear my STAC vest and opted for the t shirt instead before getting myself ready for Russ to collect me at 0730.

Russ picked me up at Tesco and we made our way to the event, got there a little early which was good as the start of the race was delayed because of traffic, we got our race numbers and relaxed until it was time to get warmed up and near the start line.

The route was pretty scenic and rural as it was mostly the countryside, first 3 miles i integrated myself talking to a runner…

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The cobbled streets of York.


Sunday (August 4) I took part in one of my favourite 10k races in one of my favourite Yorkshire cities, York.

Started the day with the usual 2 slices of toast and a cup of Yorkshire tea, sat in the garden while the dog generally stood at gate sniffing the air.
I got myself ready and made my way to Leeds station for the train as the one later on from crossgates arrived too close to start, of course it was delayed. Once in York i just followed the crowd for a steady walk to the event village.
After waiting for a decade in the queue for the toilets, i went to find my new running buddy Siobhan, we had a chat and made our way to the starting point for our time target, in the middle of the 1:05 and 1:10 pacers, both from STAC.

Once we got the…

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The Muddy trials of Pudsey 10k


Last year when I took part in Pudsey 10k I earned myself a PB despite in the tough hills, and had no hesitation in taking part again and trying to persuade a number of fellow running club members to join me only one did to set out to do her first 10k race, not knowing the typical british summer weather would kick in on the week of the event and do nothing but rain, yes you read that correctly.

I got to Pudsey in good time to collect my race number and get my bag into a locker, got to the start to take in the pre race atmosphere, the clouds hiding the sun away in a slight breeze but not chilly with the potential for more rain.

The race got underway starts with a steady downhill start before turning back to go uphill with cheers from the small gathering…

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Why i feel running can make you happier.


Now I have completed Miles for Mind in may I want to share my thoughts on how running can make you a happier person as it can not just improve physical health but mental health too. Here are 5 reasons.

1. Physical exercise (either a workout in gym or going for a run) releases endorphins into the brain. This can make you more energetic, more awake and happier. Days when you don’t exercise can tend to have a gloomy effect on your mood
2. Running gets you into a better physical shape, making you feel stronger,
3. If you choose to join a race, running can allow you to set personal goals, whether it is a parkrun personal best or completing a distance you have not yet achieved can be much happier when working towards that goal. Then when that goal is reached you feel a great sense of achievement.

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Race For Life at Temple Newsam

A race report on the race for life at Temple Newsam in Leeds.


Today I took part in Cancer Research UK Race for Life for the first time since men can take part. As race days usually go, the preparation for this one was slightly different as my friend was taking part in his first 10k and i offered to stick with him for support if he needed it.

We got to Temple newsam early enough to get parked and go to the start area to warm up, there was a slight delay to the start due to some busy traffic coming into the park with runners.

Once the warm ups got underway everyone was in a defiant mood, all with the same goal, to beat cancer.

The race started with a easy downhill before a mighty climb up bullerthorpe hill, once the first 2 miles at a steady pace were out of the way and escaping the crowded parts, I managed to…

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Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.


When I first started running, I often just went out on my own, it allowed me to focus on just getting out and making up the miles but in 2017 I decided to join one of my local(ish) running clubs St. Theresas A.C in Leeds.

So if you are just starting out running and are thinking of joining a club/group here’s 5 reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

1. Run with like minded people:
You get to go out and run with people who have the same idea, getting out and going for a run, not just own club members but join people from other clubs too.

2: Social aspect: Like reason number one when you join a running club you can meet new people and grow friendships, after training on a tuesday a group get together, have fun and have a chat, this also enables…

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