Dublin, Ireland.

Back in October myself and a couple of friends took a trip to Dublin in Ireland for the weekend, I have always wanted to visit this city and in the future will be sure to return, I didn’t take my DSLR because I wasn’t there long enough, I took a few shots on my iphone.


Once we got to our hotel from the airport we went out to the Guinness Storehouse, a fantastic place to visit well worth it. Guinness is very popular in Ireland and in Dublin especially being the home of the factory, below are some photos of around the storehouse.









We went around the storehouse floor by floor had some tasters then went onto the academy part where I got to pull my own pint of Guinness, I honestly can say I am not a big fan when it comes to stout but each to their own I suppose, it didn’t go to waste as my mate finished it off in true irish style.


We then headed back to the hotel to freshen up then, later that evening we headed into the city centre to experience the nightlife grabbing a lovely fish and chips dinner, then heading to a sports bar to watch the rugby world cup game between australia and england. Then just wandered to a couple of other bars before eventually getting back to the hotel after getting lost seemingly walking the same route for a good hour or so.

On the sunday we headed out to the Zoo, spent most of the afternoon there, was a nice sunny day, quite a large zoo with plenty to see.





Even left with some free samples of coco pops from the guy dressed up as the monkey from the cereal boxes.
Then again on the evening headed to a bar with some live music, nice chilled out bar.

On the monday we had a few hours to spare before we headed to the airport to come home, i bought myself a hoody and my little cousin a teddy.

Paddy the bear with Guinness
Paddy the bear with Guinness

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the bear with a pint of Guinness.

Here is a blog post about travelling to Dublin I enjoyed reading. http://kirstencaptures.com/2016/03/08/guinness-storehouse-dublin-ireland/

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