The Worm Animation

8 years ago when I was in college I decided for my final major project i was to do a stop frame animation, my inspirations for this were obviously animations like Wallace & Gromit and Creature comforts with the main focus on the latter.
My idea being a worm from yorkshire with a traditional football scarf and flatcap.
In this post I am going to go back to the questions i was asked during the voice recording and write out my thoughts 8 years later. 

Do you recycle?

This for me has always been a big subject, and yes I still do recycle, it is now an important chore for people to get used to and as only now the council instated a 2 weekly collection (Green and Black bins) in order to get more people to recycle and reduced what waste goes to landfill.

Where would you live?

There are plenty of places in yorkshire I would love to live, out in the country overlooking the hills and valleys but also would love to move to America, it has always been my dream and i wont give it up, maybe one day I will.

Have you been abroad?

Before this was recorded I had only been to Benidorm in spain as a kid, but since then I have been to Algarve in Portugal after i finished college just before i started university, during uni i went to NEW YORK CITY, yes i got to go where I had dreamed about for a lifetime as i was part of the International volunteering team that worked at a summer day camp in Rochester, New York State. More recently I have had short city breaks in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Dublin, Ireland.

Football Philosophy

Leeds United have always been a team I have supported as a boy, i am now a season ticket holder, I also in recent years was a volunteer at the Rugby at Headingley Stadium where i got to watch Leeds Rhinos too. I still regularly go see them play.

Well that is all folks, an overview more recent update than to this animation 8 years ago, if i had the original footage I would create another short film.

Comments and feedback are appreciated and keep an eye out for this weeks photo challenge on the blog within the next few days.


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