Hiatus from Photography

For a while now i have struggled to find motivation with photography having only actually used my camera properly twice in the last 12 month, more recently the lake district meet in march. I have also had a small break from this blog resulting in hardly any blog traffic the past month or so.

I look at a lot of images on websites and the usual forums and social media platforms and often wish I could get my images close enough to that standard.

On the lake district meet i got frustrated an awful lot with my camera even though i got some good images, that is afraid all they are “good”. Whether or not this is down to lack of self-confidence or progress with my post production in the editing process.

I hope to get out and about with the Camera(s) soon to finally bring my confidence back, its tough to keep that mindset of just going out and capturing whatever is in front of you but once get back into it, i think i will find my way back and enjoy photography again.

I went to Prague for a few days in august and got some good photos and then again to Whitby on August Bank Holiday, but yet I am still to sort those photos out and get them uploaded.

I still hope to find my feet and get the motivation back in the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Hiatus from Photography

  1. It is a shame that you have lost interest in photography as you have produced some great photos. Hope you get back into it soon.


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