Visit to Prague

Back in August i took a short trip to Prague, Czech Republic to see a friend who had recently moved there and also as it is one of the cities on my list to visit, see for more details.

Here are a few photos from the trip and an enjoyable 5 days over there.

Highlights of the trip include a Bohemians vs Sparta Praha game, Prague Zoo, Old Town, Prague Castle and cheap beer and Good food.

Bohemians vs Sparta Praha
View from the Observatory Tower
Old Town Clock
Praha Zoo


Throwback Thursday 11.8.16

Back on the Throwback Thursday posts, I am currently on the 3rd day of my trip to Prague and I will be posting some photos from the trip later on in the week, but for today’s throwback goes back to exactly 5 years ago today and yes if you guessed a photo from New York, you would be indeed correct.

L-R: Chris, Lizzie, Laura and Myself.
L-R: Chris, Lizzie, Laura and Myself.

View of the empire state building
View of the empire state building
If you missed it earlier in the week check out my weekly photo challenge post.

Here is another selection of posts from the challenge too. Enjoy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This weeks photo challenge theme is morning.

The early morning wake ups and this particular one was a very early wake up, 4AM in fact. Wastwater in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK is known for its stunning views and popularity for photographers.

Wastwater 2015 sunrise
Wastwater 2015 sunrise

Here are a few posts i enjoyed reading from this weeks challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

This weeks photo challenge and my first one for a while to be honest is Partners

The photo I have chosen is of my two canon cameras, my Powershot G10 and 500D, the Powershot G10 being my back up camera for my travels as seen in this post

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

When i think of the Earth for this weeks challenge, i sit and think about all the great places in the world.

Empire State Building. Aug 2011

5 years ago i went to well you guessed it, New York City, the city that doesnt sleep, such a fantastic city. This was taken from the Rockerfeller centre whilst on a trip with university back in 2011. I always had a dream of visiting the city after seeing the skylines in movies during my youth. 

Run Run Run

On Saturday morning I took part in my first ever parkrun event with my good friend and colleague Kris. Venue was Roundhay Park in Leeds.

As I am at the start of my training for both the Leeds and York 10k run events for British Lung Foundation & Macmillan it was the perfect start especially with some hills thrown in.

A good time of 36:35 in my eyes in terms of fitness, i spoke a while ago in a post about fitness goals especially being a asthma sufferer and at times it can be a struggle, as you can see the first 1km was my fastest, slowed down after the second hill, not my fastest 5k run but will keep at it.

I hope to give this route another go as there is only 8 and half weeks now until the first run.

Going by this time i would be on course to meet my target of beating my 10k PB of 1:15:58 by a few minutes, as the course is flat it is looking good.