Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.


When I first started running, I often just went out on my own, it allowed me to focus on just getting out and making up the miles but in 2017 I decided to join one of my local(ish) running clubs St. Theresas A.C in Leeds.

So if you are just starting out running and are thinking of joining a club/group here’s 5 reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

1. Run with like minded people:
You get to go out and run with people who have the same idea, getting out and going for a run, not just own club members but join people from other clubs too.

2: Social aspect: Like reason number one when you join a running club you can meet new people and grow friendships, after training on a tuesday a group get together, have fun and have a chat, this also enables…

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Why i started running.


I had always been a active person, through childhood and in school I would attempt most sports regardless of my ability. I first started running in 2008 when I joined a 5k race in Roundhay Park, Leeds, it was a charity event for Sense UK and I found out about it through the football club i support Leeds United as a former player Andrew Hughes was starting the race. So I persuaded my cousins to sign up with me and we set out to raise some money for a good cause.

I finished my first 5k in 40 minutes and after this event I started to run every now and again, when i joined university I would use the track a couple of times and played 5 a side football. In 2012 when I graduated, I started to run more regularly, this helped me feel good about myself and in…

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Welcome to my new blog, here i will be posting my new photography and design work that i am working on at the moment and other thoughts of things happening around the world including my top 5 places to travel to list, movies of the year to go see.

I will also be updating on my training for both the Leeds and York 10K runs which i am taking part in the summer.