Plan for 2017!!

As the year is drawing to a close with christmas and the new year ahead, I have been thinking about a plan for next year.

  • Photography- I want to get back into my photography and really focus myself next year, I am hoping to get into some portrait photography and also visit some new places.

Temple Newsam House in the snow

  • Portfolio- Completely rebuild my portfolio both Graphic Design wise and photography in order to update my website
  • Website- my website needs a good update and a total rethink regarding layout etc and move onto marketing my site so i can make more sales. 
  • Fitness- I would like to get much fitter and keep the motivation to keep going to the gym and when my work shifts allow, Parkrun. I will be running at Leeds 10k in july again and possibly still thinking of doing the Yorkshire 10 Mile. More so to focus on that Leeds 10k Personal Best each year.
  • Driving- I really want to pass my driving test next year after failing 3 times already, I will have 6 months or so to pass before having to retake my theory and that is not a option. Failing the 3rd time really hit my confidence in myself to just go for it again, but when i see people passing tests or driving when they shouldnt it has given me extra incentive to prove myself.
  • Travel- I would like to visit somewhere new in 2017, so many european cities I want to visit, I also think I will return to Prague to see my friend at some point in the year. Bruges is a place I wish to go and also possibly revisit Amsterdam or to Barcelona, I am thinking of going to New York for my 30th birthday next november.


Back on the August Bank Holiday I went to Whitby, North Yorkshire with 2 friends for the day. It was a great day out and quite warm too, I took my camera with me to get some photos as the town is so photogenic and as I enjoyed my previous shorter evening visit there with the camera last year, I knew that I would get some good images.

Visit to Prague

Back in August i took a short trip to Prague, Czech Republic to see a friend who had recently moved there and also as it is one of the cities on my list to visit, see for more details.

Here are a few photos from the trip and an enjoyable 5 days over there.

Highlights of the trip include a Bohemians vs Sparta Praha game, Prague Zoo, Old Town, Prague Castle and cheap beer and Good food.

Bohemians vs Sparta Praha
View from the Observatory Tower
Old Town Clock
Praha Zoo

All it takes is snow!!!

Recently I had lost my motivation for Photography (see and on this blog as well been a little quiet. Since last week was my week off from work I had planned to go out with my camera at least one day in the week and what do you know the day I planned for some Autumn photography shots in the local park turned white, due to a little bit of wintery weather we had overnight.

At first I thought I would stay in and stay warm as the snow was still falling at lunchtime, decided to dig my wellies from the cupboard, wrap up and venture out and to my delight got a couple of good photos, the few below are from my iPhone, as I am yet to get into Lightroom and edit them.

Enjoy the images below and I will be posting the shots from my SLR as soon as I have finished the edits.

I also have the photos from Prague and Whitby on separate posts for this weekend ­čÖé


Hiatus from Photography

For a while now i have struggled to find motivation with photography having only actually used my camera properly twice in the last 12 month, more recently the lake district meet in march. I have also had a small break from this blog resulting in hardly any blog traffic the past month or so.

I look at a lot of images on websites and the usual forums and social media platforms and often wish I could get my images close enough to that standard.

On the lake district meet i got frustrated an awful lot with my camera even though i got some good images, that is afraid all they are “good”. Whether or not this is down to lack of self-confidence or progress with my post production in the editing process.

I hope to get out and about with the Camera(s) soon to finally bring my confidence back, its tough to keep that mindset of just going out and capturing whatever is in front of you but once get back into it, i think i will find my way back and enjoy photography again.

I went to Prague for a few days in august and got some good photos and then again to Whitby on August Bank Holiday, but yet I am still to sort those photos out and get them uploaded.

I still hope to find my feet and get the motivation back in the next few weeks.

Throwback Thursday 11.8.16

Back on the Throwback Thursday posts, I am currently on the 3rd day of my trip to Prague and I will be posting some photos from the trip later on in the week, but for today’s throwback goes back to exactly 5 years ago today and yes if you guessed a photo from New York, you would be indeed correct.

L-R: Chris, Lizzie, Laura and Myself.
L-R: Chris, Lizzie, Laura and Myself.

View of the empire state building
View of the empire state building
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

This weeks photo challenge theme is morning.

The early morning wake ups and this particular one was a very early wake up, 4AM in fact. Wastwater in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK is known for its stunning views and popularity for photographers.

Wastwater 2015 sunrise
Wastwater 2015 sunrise

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