1 Year back blogging

It has been just over a year since I restarted my blog from the beginning and it has been a good year in terms of views and reaching out on the world wide web especially with the weekly photo challenges becoming popular and despite a little hiatus midway through 2016, still had many comments.

Here I am picking 5 of my favourite blog posts from the last year or so.






I have a few ideas regarding my website, complete new layout with prints to purchase etc.


Plan for 2017!!

As the year is drawing to a close with christmas and the new year ahead, I have been thinking about a plan for next year.

  • Photography- I want to get back into my photography and really focus myself next year, I am hoping to get into some portrait photography and also visit some new places.

Temple Newsam House in the snow

  • Portfolio- Completely rebuild my portfolio both Graphic Design wise and photography in order to update my website
  • Website- my website needs a good update and a total rethink regarding layout etc and move onto marketing my site so i can make more sales. 
  • Fitness- I would like to get much fitter and keep the motivation to keep going to the gym and when my work shifts allow, Parkrun. I will be running at Leeds 10k in july again and possibly still thinking of doing the Yorkshire 10 Mile. More so to focus on that Leeds 10k Personal Best each year.
  • Driving- I really want to pass my driving test next year after failing 3 times already, I will have 6 months or so to pass before having to retake my theory and that is not a option. Failing the 3rd time really hit my confidence in myself to just go for it again, but when i see people passing tests or driving when they shouldnt it has given me extra incentive to prove myself.
  • Travel- I would like to visit somewhere new in 2017, so many european cities I want to visit, I also think I will return to Prague to see my friend at some point in the year. Bruges is a place I wish to go and also possibly revisit Amsterdam or to Barcelona, I am thinking of going to New York for my 30th birthday next november.

#Throwback Thursday (14.7.16)

Today’s Throwback Thursday image i look back on my first ever exhibition at the Leeds Corn Exchange back in august 2014. I sold two prints both on the 2nd and final day of the weekend. It was a fantastic experience and to see my work alongside other photographers in a public space.


Little about me. Q&A.

I have had this idea for a little while after reading a few similar and thought it would be good to get a little question and answer post out.

What got you into blogging?

Well when I was in University i created a blog to go alongside my modules so that I could regularly update on the progress i was making throughout my time at university. After i graduated I abandoned the blog a little so in february decided to start from the beginning rather than reignite the one i abandoned.

PC or Mac?

I own a windows laptop but i have knowledge of using both platforms due to using apple macintosh computers a lot during university as many ran both operating systems. I one day do hope to own a apple macbook.

What did you study at University?

I studied Multimedia Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) this included a wide range of modules in Animation, Web Design, Video editing, photography and graphic design.

What did you enjoy most about university

At first i was reluctant to go to university but after a little persuasion i applied for a few universities, but Leeds Met(Now Leeds Beckett) was a no brainer as well as being in my home city, the facilities were fantastic, I was part of a few societies and regularly played 5 a side on a sunday’s. I learned a lot of other skills and met some fantastic people, including those on the volunteering team for America.

Canon or Nikon?

Now when i was weighing up options for buying my first SLR this is the question i asked my course leader at university, there are a lot of good cameras out there all different makes and sizes with variety of lenses but I myself own a Canon 500d SLR and a Powershot G10.


What is your favourite photography genre?

I would say it was mainly landscapes and nature but i have been to various wildlife parks and zoos. Street photography is also one of my all time favourites, especially when you can go out and just shoot. I have also taken photos at a local bands gig and rehearsals and i would like to try my hand at portraits in the near future.

Do you prefer Digital or Film photography?

I have always used digital cameras ever since it became a hobby but i did do a short module in art college in film photography and although enjoyed taking the photos and using the camera, i made a mess of the processing and they didn’t turn out so i think for now i will stick to digital.

If you could photograph anything in the world what would it be? Landmark, Country etc.

There are a lot of places on my list, for example a number of European cities, but outside of europe i got to say the Taj mahal in India and Sydney opera house in Australia are two of the places i would like to photograph along with the Golden gate bridge in San Francisco, California, USA. I would also like to return to New York City as I loved my visit back in 2011 and miss it too much.

Biggest Achievement?

Getting to university and graduating has to be one, but also the Abseil I did down the university building and also the numerous 5 and 10 kilometre runs i have done for charity.

Would you consider a video blog?

At the moment i don’t have the software for a video blog and i am not too keen on recording myself talk, but maybe in the future i could consider using video to document my travels.

That is the end of the little Q&A session, thanks to all those that currently read my blog and are subscribers.

You can also catch me via social network too, it is always good to receive feedback and comments on my photography and blog.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

For this weeks photo challenge the theme is Dinnertime. So a brief one from me, here is a photo of one of my favourite italian dishes, Pasta Bolognese. I do enjoy cooking and i am thinking of adding some posts on this blog related to food receipes and stuff.

2015-05-15 17.41.55

Here are some of the posts i enjoyed on this weeks challenge.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape.

This weeks Photo challenge is probably my favourite as I focus a lot of my photography on landscapes. I do have a wide range of photos on this genre to share so have decided to do this in 2 parts with another post later on in the week.

Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge
Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge

Ribblehead Viaduct
Ribblehead Viaduct

These two are my favourites, i will be posting another post on this weeks subject later on this week.

The Worm Animation

8 years ago when I was in college I decided for my final major project i was to do a stop frame animation, my inspirations for this were obviously animations like Wallace & Gromit and Creature comforts with the main focus on the latter.
My idea being a worm from yorkshire with a traditional football scarf and flatcap.
In this post I am going to go back to the questions i was asked during the voice recording and write out my thoughts 8 years later. 

Do you recycle?

This for me has always been a big subject, and yes I still do recycle, it is now an important chore for people to get used to and as only now the council instated a 2 weekly collection (Green and Black bins) in order to get more people to recycle and reduced what waste goes to landfill.

Where would you live?

There are plenty of places in yorkshire I would love to live, out in the country overlooking the hills and valleys but also would love to move to America, it has always been my dream and i wont give it up, maybe one day I will.

Have you been abroad?

Before this was recorded I had only been to Benidorm in spain as a kid, but since then I have been to Algarve in Portugal after i finished college just before i started university, during uni i went to NEW YORK CITY, yes i got to go where I had dreamed about for a lifetime as i was part of the International volunteering team that worked at a summer day camp in Rochester, New York State. More recently I have had short city breaks in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Dublin, Ireland.

Football Philosophy

Leeds United have always been a team I have supported as a boy, i am now a season ticket holder, I also in recent years was a volunteer at the Rugby at Headingley Stadium where i got to watch Leeds Rhinos too. I still regularly go see them play.

Well that is all folks, an overview more recent update than to this animation 8 years ago, if i had the original footage I would create another short film.

Comments and feedback are appreciated and keep an eye out for this weeks photo challenge on the blog within the next few days.