All Along the Rooftops.

Not long ago I joined a new group on facebook (Leeds Photography Group) after been told by a friend about it. They meet up a few times a month to go out taking photos and on Weds (5 July) I joined them for the Car Park Rooftops meet up.

Here are a couple of photos I have worked on so far.


Run Run Run

On Saturday morning I took part in my first ever parkrun event with my good friend and colleague Kris. Venue was Roundhay Park in Leeds.

As I am at the start of my training for both the Leeds and York 10k run events for British Lung Foundation & Macmillan it was the perfect start especially with some hills thrown in.

A good time of 36:35 in my eyes in terms of fitness, i spoke a while ago in a post about fitness goals especially being a asthma sufferer and at times it can be a struggle, as you can see the first 1km was my fastest, slowed down after the second hill, not my fastest 5k run but will keep at it.

I hope to give this route another go as there is only 8 and half weeks now until the first run.

Going by this time i would be on course to meet my target of beating my 10k PB of 1:15:58 by a few minutes, as the course is flat it is looking good.

What’s in my Camera Bag?

I thought I would do a little photography post about what goes into my bag when I go out and about.


My Equipment list is as follows:

Canon 500D
Canon 18-55mm kit lens
Canon 50mm f/1.8 (Perfect for Street Photography)
Shutter remote
Canon 70-300mm kit lens
ND Filters
Mini tripod

Notebook: This has locations list for where id like to visit aswell as notes for settings etc. Also includes some useful stuff like bus times and when i have been to nature reserves i have wrote down what birds i have seen.


Other items in my bag include my iPad mini, extra memory cards, a spare battery, a SD to iPhone/iPad lead for when I want to sit and edit on the Lightroom mobile app on my iPad usually on longer day shoots such as trips to the Lake District of which I am taking in March this year, should be a good weekend. I carry lens cloths also to wipe down lenses when weather is somewhat unpredictable.