Back on the August Bank Holiday I went to Whitby, North Yorkshire with 2 friends for the day. It was a great day out and quite warm too, I took my camera with me to get some photos as the town is so photogenic and as I enjoyed my previous shorter evening visit there with the camera last year, I knew that I would get some good images.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape.

This weeks Photo challenge is probably my favourite as I focus a lot of my photography on landscapes. I do have a wide range of photos on this genre to share so have decided to do this in 2 parts with another post later on in the week.

Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge
Gibson Mill, Hebden Bridge

Ribblehead Viaduct
Ribblehead Viaduct

These two are my favourites, i will be posting another post on this weeks subject later on this week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons(Spring)

I have decided i wanted to do another post on this weeks theme seasons.

Reason i have chosen to do a second post rather than include more than one photo in my first one is this photo is focused on the next season of the year up: Spring.

Clarence Dock Golden Hour

This photo I took at sunset at Leeds Dock, a area just on the outside of Leeds City Centre, a great spot for photography.

Below are some of the posts i have enjoyed from this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons(Winter)

This weeks photo challenge is seasons:
At the moment in the UK we are in winter but we have had hardly any snow here in England, just a lot of rain and cold weather. This photo is from a the other year but in march when the snow was very heavy, a sledge dumped into a bin at a local park.

Sledge in snow
I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation of this weeks photo challenge.