Why Joining a Running club is a great idea.


When I first started running, I often just went out on my own, it allowed me to focus on just getting out and making up the miles but in 2017 I decided to join one of my local(ish) running clubs St. Theresas A.C in Leeds.

So if you are just starting out running and are thinking of joining a club/group here’s 5 reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

1. Run with like minded people:
You get to go out and run with people who have the same idea, getting out and going for a run, not just own club members but join people from other clubs too.

2: Social aspect: Like reason number one when you join a running club you can meet new people and grow friendships, after training on a tuesday a group get together, have fun and have a chat, this also enables…

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Why i started running.


I had always been a active person, through childhood and in school I would attempt most sports regardless of my ability. I first started running in 2008 when I joined a 5k race in Roundhay Park, Leeds, it was a charity event for Sense UK and I found out about it through the football club i support Leeds United as a former player Andrew Hughes was starting the race. So I persuaded my cousins to sign up with me and we set out to raise some money for a good cause.

I finished my first 5k in 40 minutes and after this event I started to run every now and again, when i joined university I would use the track a couple of times and played 5 a side football. In 2012 when I graduated, I started to run more regularly, this helped me feel good about myself and in…

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Plan for 2017!!

As the year is drawing to a close with christmas and the new year ahead, I have been thinking about a plan for next year.

  • Photography- I want to get back into my photography and really focus myself next year, I am hoping to get into some portrait photography and also visit some new places.

Temple Newsam House in the snow

  • Portfolio- Completely rebuild my portfolio both Graphic Design wise and photography in order to update my website
  • Website- my website needs a good update and a total rethink regarding layout etc and move onto marketing my site so i can make more sales. 
  • Fitness- I would like to get much fitter and keep the motivation to keep going to the gym and when my work shifts allow, Parkrun. I will be running at Leeds 10k in july again and possibly still thinking of doing the Yorkshire 10 Mile. More so to focus on that Leeds 10k Personal Best each year.
  • Driving- I really want to pass my driving test next year after failing 3 times already, I will have 6 months or so to pass before having to retake my theory and that is not a option. Failing the 3rd time really hit my confidence in myself to just go for it again, but when i see people passing tests or driving when they shouldnt it has given me extra incentive to prove myself.
  • Travel- I would like to visit somewhere new in 2017, so many european cities I want to visit, I also think I will return to Prague to see my friend at some point in the year. Bruges is a place I wish to go and also possibly revisit Amsterdam or to Barcelona, I am thinking of going to New York for my 30th birthday next november.

Run Run Run

On Saturday morning I took part in my first ever parkrun event with my good friend and colleague Kris. Venue was Roundhay Park in Leeds.

As I am at the start of my training for both the Leeds and York 10k run events for British Lung Foundation & Macmillan it was the perfect start especially with some hills thrown in.

A good time of 36:35 in my eyes in terms of fitness, i spoke a while ago in a post about fitness goals especially being a asthma sufferer and at times it can be a struggle, as you can see the first 1km was my fastest, slowed down after the second hill, not my fastest 5k run but will keep at it.

I hope to give this route another go as there is only 8 and half weeks now until the first run.

Going by this time i would be on course to meet my target of beating my 10k PB of 1:15:58 by a few minutes, as the course is flat it is looking good.

Fitness Goals


This year i am taking part in both the Leeds and York 10k run for all series and will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support and British Lung Foundation. In the previous 2 years i have run the Leeds 10k with times of 1hr16m55s in 2014 and 1hr15m58s just last year.

Although i am a sufferer of asthma I have always enjoyed taking part in sporting events whether it was 5 a side football whilst at university or running events 5k or 10k for charities while raising money for good causes nearing the amount of £1000 overall.

Often people have wandered with my asthma how i manage the longer distances and in my case its the matter of keeping it steady and pacing myself, of course each time i want a personal best but for me at end of day its finishing thats the biggest achievement. Below are my times from each run in bold.

Sense 5K: June 2008 (45 Mins 22secs)
Sense 5K: June 2009 (30 Mins 35 Secs)
Sport Relief 6 Mile: March 2012 (1hr 3Mins)
Leeds 10k 2014: July 2014 (1hr 16m 55s)
Big Fun Run 5k: August 2014 (31Mins 54s)
Subway 5k: June 2015 (29 Mins 56s)
Leeds 10k 2015: July 2015 (1hr 15m 58s)
Leeds 10k 2016: July 2016??
York 10k 2016: August 2016??